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Ajahn Pichest



Studying with Ajahn Pichest


Ajahn means venerable teacher, and Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme is a master in the true sense of the word. He welcomes students from all over the world in his home in Hang Dong, 20 kilometres south of Chiang Mai. Everyone who spends time with Pichest to learn knows that his teachings go far beyond teaching Thai Massage techniques.


Even after I received my certification to teach Thai Massage, I had the nagging feeling that there was something I wasn’t quite getting right. I was trying to help people and create a good feeling for them, but I wasn’t relaxed or grounded myself. Then I went to study with Pichest.


As a young man, Pichest did the old „hard“ style of Thai Massage – lots of heavy pressure, using his thumbs a lot - til his body was so worn out that he barely could walk. He dedicated himself to recovery, which included meditation as well as developing a style of bodywork which relies on natural postures and use of weight instead of force. This is the basis of what he teaches.


​ At the beginning, studying with Pichest was a radical change for me. I had to forget everything I thought I knew about Thai Massage. I also had to to let go of what I thought „success“ in massage meant. I began to cultivate the ability to just feel, to simply be and to observe.

Pichest taught me to find myself first before treating others. As you practice this style, you will come to realize which forms of touch are of benefit to you client at any given moment. But first you must know yourself and have a deep awareness of your own body. Only when you allow yourself to open up and understand your body can you feel others.


Pichest’s style comes from a place of ease, not of struggle or effort. The therapist’s body is always completely relaxed. Hence, you have all the capacity to really feel and listen to what is going on in your client’s body.


A session with Pichest is an expression of these elemental principles and his own understanding. Each session unfolds spontaneously, with a flow of energy and healing between the massage therapist and the client. It develops naturally from moment to moment. It’s the opposite of a predictable, routine are applied to every single client the same way. No two session are alike just as no two clients are alike.


Would you like to experience the difference of this style for yourself? Schedule a session to receive a treatment before you enroll in a course.

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