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Will i receive a certificate?



I would like to learn with you, how does that work?

The best thing is to write me an email in which you briefly tell me about yourself, what you have already experienced in the field - perhaps you are already a yoga teacher or osteopath, etc., or have already taken other courses and practiced.

The basic course takes place on 4 days in a row, we start at 9 am and go for about 6 hours, it would be helpful if you don't have much else to do every day after the course - this way you can best concentrate on the course and what you have learned.

You learn directly with me and only 2-3 students in total, so we can then agree on a date and I will find the course with the right learning partners for you.

After a small deposit, your personal course date is then booked.

If you come as a group or couple, we can find an individual course date for you independent of the advertised courses.
After a small deposit, your personal course date is then booked.

When are the next workshops and what are the costs?

Since I only teach in a masterclass setting, i.e. teacher (me) and 3-4 course participants, the dates can be individually arranged. I can offer you dates or we can arrange a date together, preferably 4 consecutive days, each about 9am-3 pm.
A basic course 25 hours costs 790 Euro (if you bring a friend it is 1490 Euro). You get constant feedback from me and we work out an individualized style for you and your body, so that you learn much faster and more precise than in big courses.
I often hear my students say that even in 300 hour courses they didn't understand that much.

I am a beginner, can I take a course with you?

Yes, with pleasure! I have virtually created the course that I would have liked at the beginning of my training. You can write me that you are a beginner and I will look for appropriate partners for you. You will learn a solid basis for your future path as a therapist.

How is the course structured?

The course is very practice-oriented. First we analyze where your strengths lie and develop a way of working that is sustainable and energy-saving for you. After a short introduction to the theoretical basics / a short theoretical introduction you will learn individualized techniques for a full body massage with extensive feedback and helpful corrections from me.

I would come to Berlin especially for the course, is it worth it, can the course content be adapted?


Many students come to Berlin especially for the Sensitive Thai Bodywork Training. I have had students from the USA, Russia, Poland, Spain, Greece, UK, Switzerland and Austria come to Berlin just for the course. Of course the stay should be worthwhile.

In these cases, I offer to add additional hours of private lessons or lessons according to individual needs (Tok Sen for example) to a basic course of 16-20 hours, so that your time is used optimally. I can then write and put together an individual offer for you. So lets say you stay one week, we will figure out a way that you get the maximum out of your week at




I would like to learn together with my partner, is that possible?


Of course. You are welcome to bring a partner and we will do the course for you. This has the advantage that you can practice together effectively, because you both know exactly how the Thai massage should feel. So together you will have an optimal constellation for learning at home.


Can I take a Tok Sen course, would I need to learn other techniques first?


I do indeed teach Tok Sen, but only as an extension of my normal Thai massage course. If you have already studied with me or want to take the Sensitive Thai Bodywork course Tok Sen is a perfect extension.

I have tried a few times to teach Tok Sen without the base - and I was not satisfied with that. I really always want to ensure the highest possible quality and satisfaction for my students, but also for me. 

In short, you could of course do a Sensible Thai Bodywork Course with me and then add Tok Sen as an extension. But isolated I do not want to teach this wonderful art of relaxation anymore.



Do the courses also take place on weekends?


Yes, we are happy to include a weekend.


Can I use the training to expand my practice as a yoga teacher?


Absolutely! Many students are yoga teachers and can learn more about working with the body and refine their assists. Or simply expand their services and offer massages as well.




Can I split the course into several weekends?


If you bring your own partner, yes. However, as a rule, 4 days at a stretch are recommended.

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