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Immersion Course Sensible Thai Bodywork


What will i learn in the Sensible Thai Bodywork Immersion Course?


- You will learn individualized techniques, suited to your body, which will allow you to give a Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage.


- You will learn the underlying principles of a high quality Therapeutic Thai Bodywork Session, which will help you to develop your own way of working, individual to your body structure.


- You will, through direct feedback from your teacher, how to work in a natural way, enabling you to built a creative practice with ease and joy without any exhaustion, tiring or risk of injuring yourself.


- You will get direct feedback and explanation from your teacher about how exactly the different techniques should feel like. Direct feedback will allow you to work on your body awareness, your posture and your movement during a treatment. A great learning accelerator!

- You will learn to use your body weight effectively, which will make the massage effortless for you and comfortable for your client.


- You will learn how to work with different clients in different situations and conditions and to how to find the best technique for every constellation.


- You will learn how to keep your attention over longer times to have the capacity to feel your and your clients body and adapt the techniques accordingly.


- You will learn techniques, which you can really use every day in your practice. No filler or show material. I am running a successful practice in Berlin and just picked the really useful stuff condensed for you to work with. Students from all over the world visiting me to enhance their Thai Bodywork skills.



Is there any possibility for continuing education?


- You will learn in a small group with 3-6students, so that you get individualized masterclass like teaching.


- 16 - 24 hours, 4 times 6 hours, depends on how much time we need


- Courses in German/ English

- International Certificate and coloured booklet inclusive

The learning at is very effective. After your course its the best way to take time and practice what you learned with clients. Most of my students came back after a few months or a year to continue learning. You will have questions, you will have progressed through practice and we pick you up from there and continue building your skill.


course fee: 790 Euro


Would you like to bring a partner or friend who also wants to learn? 

Course Fee Friends: 1490 Euro

Upgrade Thai Heat

Course Fee: 250 Euro statt 300 

Before you write an email and ask about the next workshops please check the FAQ above!


A little bit about me and why i teach in small classes:

I wholeheartedly believe that the most effective way to learn Thai Massage is in a small group or a one-on-one class with an experienced teacher.

I know from personal experience that when I went to a school which took on 10 students in one course, or even much more, that even after long courses with many hours of teaching it seemed as if I was unable to absorb or integrate the teachings into daily practice. Therefore, we keep our classes small and emphasize one-on-one classes in addition to group classes.

In North Thailand, after already learning at many massage schools I was fortunate to work with many great teachers, who worked with 2,3 students per class maximum. After 15 hours of learning with, I felt like I finally understand something.  In fact, I learned more in 15 hours of direct instruction from them than I did from my hundreds of hours of basic training in Chiang Mai. Then i went on to learn with other masters and ended up with Pichest.


 I want to offer you an optimal base to open your hearts for Therapeutic Thai Massage and offer you the knowledge I wish I had in my beginning years. This is why we teach the important basic classes just with no more than 3 people. 

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