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What is Tok Sen?


The Thai Therapy form known as Tok Sen evolved in Northern Thailand and faced some increasing popularity in recent years. The use of a little wooden hammer and chisel allows you to relieve tension and promote physical well-being. Tok Sen is a perfect complement to your Therapeutic Thai practice.
Thanks to its deep rooted Tradition you will find many different styles and expressions. A therapist like Ajahn Somphong prefers a very slow, gentle beating rhythm while on the other hand Ajahn Suppachai developed a more dynamic approach.

What will i learn in my Tok Sen Immersion course?

The story goes that the most powerful tools are ideally made of wood from a tree struck by lightning. In any case your Tok Sen Tools should be a natural extension of our hands, so that they allow for natural control of positioning, weight and rhythm. On each of my visits in to Thailand I am

sourcing different high quality Tok Sen Sets for my students to choose from.
In this Tok Sen basic’s course you will receive an initial insight into the important aspects of this healing art and learn all the basic techniques allowing you to give a soothing treatment. You will learn how to calm down your clients nervous system completely. For this we will practice to create a calm, reassuring, rhythmically constant vibration and to apply it with precision. Your effortless practice becomes a meditation for both, receiver and giver.

Similar to Sensible Thai bodywork you will learn how to work completely relaxed without hurting yourself. You learn to work without force, guiding your direction and movement from the center of your body.
You will learn a variety of grip techniques and how to change smoothly between them during your treatment. You learn how to create vibrations which will transfer through the entire body.
Imagine concentric circles around a stone when you throw it into the water.
Done skillfully, the Tok Sen Vibration transfers similar like this through the human body.
In this way you create an inviting sensation your nervous system is able to indulge in instead of revolting against.

Immersion Class Tok Sen Basis 

10 hours 490 Euro


you can choose your own Tok Sen-Set auswählen, prices between 30 and 90 Euro

 just as Upgrade if you already did or booked Sensible Thai Bodywork course

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Tok Sen Berlin
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