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Small group instruction, intensive courses in Sensible Thai Bodywork in the heart of Berlin. provides the quality small group training in Sensible Thai Bodywork for experienced massage or movement therapists, Thai massage therapists, yoga teachers and beginners with no bodywork experience, looking for immersion training.

An innovative approach to an ancient art

Sensible Thai Bodywork is based on the style developed by Ajahn Pichest, the recently deceased master of Thai Massage. After suffering overuse injury from doing “hard” massage, Ajahn Pichest began his quest to create a style of massage which benefits both the recipient and the therapist. The result is a uniquely powerful bodywork style which focuses on ease, body awareness, & lack of tension for the practitioner and good feeling for the recipient. combines Ajahn Pichest’s massage style with modern teaching techniques and a deep understanding of the latest advancements in pain science.


One of Ajahn Pichest’s favorite sayings is “Power like an elephant, touch like an ant.” By using our bodies wisely and listening to our clients’ bodies, we can exert minimal effort to achieve extremely strong results. By using our body’s weight and our clients’ structure, we can give a deep massage with no muscular or mental tension. This enables the practitioner to work a full day without fatigue or injury. In Sensible Thai Bodywork training, rather than teach set techniques, we teach principles that enable you to develop your own unique style that works for your body and can be adapted for different clients.

How can learning SensibleThai Bodywork help me?

Have Thai Massage training already?

SensibleThai Bodywork will teach you an intuitive style that gets you out of the box of a set routine. Learn how to decide where to work and approaches to use to make the session good for you and for your clients. You will learn to work with your body and with your clients body in a natural, easy way that feels great to give and amazing to receive.

Practice Western-style massage full time?

Sensible Thai Bodywork will enable you to learn a mat based modality which enables you to work full time without stress or injury to your body. You will learn body dynamics. It is suitable either as the core of a full-time practice or as an adjunct to your other work. Specialty training in Therapeutic Thai Bodywork will give you an edge in seeking and retaining clients – this is very popular work!

Teach yoga or work as a physical therapist/physiotherapist, trainer, or movement therapist?

Sensible Thai Bodywork´s experiential training will build your awareness of your own body and how to control your weight without effort. The body dynamics principles which make Therapeutic Thai Bodywork so valuable for manual therapy can be used in your work and also helpful to your clients. You will find your manual assists and interventions gain more subtlety and are easier for you and your patients and clients to comfortably receive.

Completely new to massage and bodywork?

Sensible Thai Bodywork training will get you started right from the start with advanced concepts of how to efficiently use your body and how to give a relaxing massage. Whether you just want to work with friends and family or are thinking of a career in manual therapy, Therapeutic Thai Bodywork gives you a great foundation.

Why small classes with an individual teacher?

Class size at is capped at 3-4 people. This allows one on one, individualized instruction with every person in the class. Bodywork is best taught by touch, not words, and this is the way Thai massage has traditionally been taught. Every person in the group will have the chance to feel the teacher’s contact and to receive direct feedback from the teacher. Larger schools simply aren’t able to provide this kind of instruction – they depend on filling large classes and therefore provide more standardized training centered on techniques.

I would like to learn with you, how does that work?

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