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Thai Heat by


What is Thai Heat about?

Thai Heat is a method, developed by myself, which enables you to use therapeutic heat within Thai-Yoga-Massage modalities without having to compromise on the pressure and weight transfer, which makes Thai-Yoga-Massage so special.

How does Thai Heat work?

I have been experimenting for quite while now and i came up with small heating pads with a mixed organic filling, they are carrying the heat for more than 15 minutes, they are transferring the bodyweight very comfortably and to work with them feels wonderfully soothing.

You can use them with a Microwave or Towel Heater. The covers a washable.

It feels absolutely amazing, the mix pressure plus heat is irresistible. I use them every day with great success.


How can Thai Heat help me?

Clients love heat, with Thai Heat you can integrate warmth in your Thai-Yoga-Massage without any trouble or disrupting your massage. You can create one wonderful flow.

You could use Thai Heat as an extra modality or you could use it as an upgrade to your already existing massage.

What will i learn in the Thai Heat course?


You will get a 4 hour introduction directly with the teacher on how to use Thai Heat pads in your Massage most effectively. If you want to use them in your own way of massaging you will get individualized instructions.

You will get 8 Thai Heat pillows, to get you started right away!


4 hours of teaching plus 8 Thai Heat Pads

300 Euro


Thai Heat as upgrade to your Therapeutic Thai Bodywork class

250 Euro

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